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Pete Holman: A STT Exclusive

June 6, 201431 min
Pete Holman is a Physical Therapist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, US National TaeKwon-Do champion and former US National TaeKwon-Do Team captain. Pete has 16 years experience working in rehab medicine and as a NSCA credentialed strength coach. He has performed Physical Therapy services with Hollywood stars the likes of Kevin Costner and Ed Bradley and Fortune 500 business moguls like the owners of Progressive Insurance and Jones Apparel of New York. He has also worked with professional athletes and strength coaches from the MLB, NFL, NBA, UFC and X-Games. Pete currently serves as the Director of Rip Training at TRX and is actively involved in programming and education delivery of Rip Training and Suspension Training content. Specializing in biomechanics, core performance and agility, Pete uses his experience as an elite level athlete and his knowledge of the physical and mental systems in the body, to bring out the “athlete” in us all. Pete is an active contributor

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