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Steve Kantor: A STT Exclusive

December 4, 201329 min
Steve Kantor is the owner and founder of Recovery Pump, a medical grade sequential pneumatic compression pump system with multichambered sleeves that has revolutionized the method and speed of muscle recovery for endurance, professionals and amateurs athletes alike. This is the result of reabsorbing the waste from the muscles after exertion and increasing venous return to remove those wastes preparing the muscles for full recovery and replenishment. The treatment becomes a daily part of any training program. Steve has also founded another company almost 20 years ago, a medical solutions supplier, that lead him to this new venture. In medical solutions, Steve has successfully treating thousands of patients with severe vascular and lymphatic diseases with this type of home therapy system. Knowing the that the evidence based science works, using it for accelerating muscle recovery and rehab from minor injuries became the foundation for the Recovery Pump mission.

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