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126 Jared Angaza The Brand Alchemist

June 6, 201748 min
Jared Angaza
Jaime Jay interviews brand strategist, Jared Angaza. Jared currently works with Jaime at Slapshot Studio and discusses strategy and insight into the wonderful world of brand messaging.
Crafting a Remarkable Brand
Jared and his wife worked in a lot of projects in Rwanda. They have the ardent desire to bring consciousness in the world. Consciousness helps create a remarkable experience.
Brands that want to have that personal connection are the brands that are remarkable.” -Jared Angaza
He found a way to combine business and philanthropy. People refer to it as conscious branding.
An Interconnected World
Jared knows how to deal well with people. He sees the interconnection between everyone and everything. And, he likes having everyone have their own journey.
The more you understand people, the more you listen and hear their perspective without judgement.” -Jared Angaza
He wants to help people to live deliberately, intentionally, and with love. He takes the responsibility to approach people in love and not in judgment.
Authenticity in Branding
Jared discusses the significance of being vulnerable. It makes people become more open to receive help. According to him, coming into the “brand world” is a personal journey.
The more willing people are to explore and re-imagine, the better the brand experience is going to be.” -Jared Angaza
Authenticity helps create better brand experiences. He encourages people to be open to whatever challenges or fears they are facing. That way, brand strategists can better understand and come up with a good solution to help them out.

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