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127 Brian Basilico The Bacon System

June 13, 201747 min
Brian Basilico
Jaime Jay interviews Brian Basilico, owner of B2B Interactive Marketing, for the second time to talk about his new book “The Bacon System”. We discuss strategies that will improve your marketing skills and of course, bacon.
Into B2B Interactive Marketing
Brian started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18. He started with a recording studio at his father's basement. Eventually he went to work for various ad agencies and production companies.

When he opened his company 16 years ago, social media was not yet around. Business card CDs were his primary products. But, he constantly reinvented himself as the years progressed.
I help companies find their ideal customers online to generate more sales. I show you why and teach you how.” -Brian Basilico
His experiences led him to become an expert in B2B interactive marketing. But, he understood that B2B interactive marketing is not easy. That was why he wrote the book to help people.
Not About You
Brian's first book was It's Not About You, It's About Bacon. It taught people about the importance of social media in relationship marketing. BACON is actually an acronym which stands for Building Authentic Connections Online Networking.
The thing that we do is that we really grow by teaching other people.” -Brian Basilico
He considered individuals who were most successful in their pursuits, and created something that teaches others how they can also be successful.
The BACON System
The BACON system is a 12-step program for those who tried things and failed. They may have tried social media, Ad Words, and other things to grow their business but did not succeed.
The right audience was the one that had the desire to make change, the passion for what they were doing, and the money to make it happen.” -Brian Basilico
To help them out, the program has 3 main pieces that they can apply. The first piece is called the home base, where they figure out their ideal avatar.

The second piece is about having a killer website. Brian saw the need for business owners and entrepreneurs to understand how websites work nowadays. You too can find out what is really happening in the industry, and come up with good solutions for your company.

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