Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is

Stuart Vener Radio Show - Episode 66

May 28, 201446 min
On this edition of Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is, Stuart talks to these great guests:

V. Frank Asaro - He talks about a new concept called Co-Opetition. This means cooperation in competition. For instance greed is bad, greed leads to bad things, however competing in business drives prices down and makes it more affordable when it's not driven by greed. Cooperate and Compete!

Nick Wukoson - Nick is running for the US House of Representatives for the 18th District of Florida (Miami-Dade to West Palm Beach). He's talking issues that hit conservatives hearts hoping to beat the incumbent this November.

Fred Claridge - Fred is back giving us more bad stock advice and he has more hate mail he will discuss.

David Young - David is a very talented musician who has performed with names like Barbara Streisand. He also believes he channels the ghost of Legendary Beatle "George Harrison" and he wrote a book about it called "Channeling Harrison".

Pamela Carey - She's discussing her book

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