Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is

Stuart Vener Radio Show - Episode 68

June 10, 201441 min
Stuart Vener speaks to these amazing guests:

Kim Dexter - Kim is a Gospel Rock artist who just released her full length album "Reaching". She's talking to Stuart about it and you'll hear her song "Reaching" titled after the album.

Gordon Bushell - Gordon started his career in the marketing industry becoming one of the "Real Mad Men". Then he worked for a NY ad agency where he added humor in many commercials. He's known for the controversial Noxema commercial. He's taking about his two books "Humor is a Funny Thing" and "Panic in Punctuation Land".

Michael De Chant - Michael is the creator of the movie "Soldiers of Paint". The movie is a D-Day tribute movie using paintball battles.

Fred Claridge - Fred is talking about stocks to invest or stay away from.

Rosalyn Berne - Rosalyn is a real life Horse Whisperer and has talked to over 12 horses. She's talking about her ability and her book "When Horses Whisper".

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