Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is

Stuart Vener Radio Show Episode 60

April 16, 201444 min
This week on the "Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is" radio show, we have these great guests:

Dan Perkins - Dan is a best selling author of "Brotherhood of the Red Nile: A Terrorist's Perspective". He's talking about the most recent blow to the 1st Amendment as the CEO of Firefox was fired because of his support for California's Proposition 8. The liberal and LGBT community bullied him out of his job, not because it impacted the program he sold, but because they are looking to control movements.

Chad Vander Veen - Chad is the author of the online magazine He's discussing how communities are a life form - everything we do impacts those communities. By learning how these communities work, we can help designers create a more productive and efficient cities and infrastructures.

Michael Smith M.D. - Michael is talking about nutrition and supplements. It's an important balance in your daily diet and he's here to take the confusion out.

Molly Friedenfeld - Mo

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