The Cindy Hurn Show

The Cindy Hurn Show 10/07/2013

November 13, 201350 min
Oh.. that feeling of satisfaction when you stand back and admire your completed project, such invaluable feed to the creative process.

Appreciating before and after,Cindy explores the importance of the carry through. Confidence grows only by doing. We can think we want to have a garden but thinking is not the doing. It is part of the process but as in any creative process seeds need planting if an idea to reach fruition. By giving up, distracting ourselves or negating our ideas we miss out on the development of our abilities and improved confidence.

Ideas like seeds will not grow if not solidly planted and cared for.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have - focus on those “I can do” seeds and watch how they grow, flower and give birth to more change.

Alex Emmerson so understands the importance of doing as she is always zooming getting those ideas done, jumping into future thought and creating more. To her delight her mind is a see-through box, full of stars and sparkles. In contrast to her always active mind Alex found when she stepped into the box she experience an overwhelming feeling of calmness and space. Alex left with the perfect place deep within to visit in times of stress or recharge.

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