The Cindy Hurn Show

The Cindy Hurn Show 10/28/2013

November 13, 201351 min
Cindy has one of her teaching dreams, visions of energy bouncing by.

For Cindy dreams are one of her great teachers. Her latest lesson - all about physics, teaching her in visual imagery, Cindy is reminded that the essence of all is energy and energy falls into patterns and flows. The interruption of that flow is much like a traffic jam in the body - illness results and the path to wellness is supported with understanding, awareness and energy re-direction. Peter Hodges knows all to well about blocked energy. Struggling with terminal cancer Peter came for Hypnotherapy with Cindy. The path to awareness began. For the last 4 months Peter’s bloods have been cancer free, much to the surprise of his doctors. Peter explores his path to wellness, emphasizing over and over again the path to recovery starts within the mind. Inspirational and heart warming journey, essential listening for anyone facing similar difficulty or wanting to understand the body-mind connection

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