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TECC 100: Engineering Career and Life Lessons to Live By

February 9, 201620 min
In our 100th episode, we share with you a response from Executive Director Joe Schroedel about credentials and certifications during the Society of American Military Engineer’s Student Leader Workshop in North Carolina.

Engineering Success quotes:

Here are the key points:

A person who produces results and who knows what he’s doing is more valuable in the company and is going to move up in the organization.
Never stop learning.
Know yourself – know your strengths and weaknesses are.
There are other things you can do to develop yourself and to learn that has nothing to do with degrees and certifications.
Think about what you like to do so much that when you’re doing it you lose track of time.
Get your priorities straight and know what you like to focus on. Do what you want to do and it won’t be like work.

More details on these in the episode…

In the Take Action Today segment of the show, I give you something to think about in your engineering career and life. 

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