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TECC 95: The Science of Successful Organizational Change For Engineers

January 12, 201641 min
In today’s episode, Paul Gibbons, an expert in change management, talks about how you can implement change leadership in the engineering organization you work for today or the engineering project you’re currently leading.

Here are some key points:

Reasons and expertise do not by themselves add up to a successful change. Paul gives the example of their risk recommendations and cancer research.

Two factors why change doesn't occur even when there is a known need for change: stakeholders and behavioral change.

What people like and what people feel comfortable with is not sufficient to getting a change to happen.

Resistance is strengthened by the provision of facts.

Choice architecture method - give people the liberty to choose what they want to do but steer their behavior in a way that is beneficial to them or to the organization (make it easy for people to choose the correct behavior). Paul shares the example of people in the cafeteria and 401K.

A fantastic change leader would:

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