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6.03 - Locations in Horror and Places to Visit (94)​ - The Fear Central Podcast

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When we think about horror stories, we are usually drawn to the characters of the story. Whether it is the hero of the story or even in the case of Horror, the monster, creature, killer, etc. But one of the things that gets overlooked is where the story takes place. Could you imagine "Friday the 13th" if it were set in a bowling alley instead of a camp? Probably not. So this week we discuss locations in horror stories, how stories wouldn't be the same if they weren't set in these locations, and our bucket list of these locations we'd like to visit.Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast and join our discussion through our many social network sites and let us know if you have a suggestion for a show you would like for us to do. Please leave us a review and a rating for the show on whatever platform you listen to us on. Enjoy the show and as always...Stay Scared!
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