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6.10 - Lycanthropes (101) - The Fear Central Podcast

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We have all had the thoughts of being something more than what we are. Some want to fly, some want super strength, some want to shape shift, and so on and so forth. So, we decided that this week we would talk about, in essence, shape shifting by way of the lycanthrope. Most notable for the werewolf, which is the bulk of the topic, although there are other shape shifting beings out there. So be wary of the full moon and enjoy the show.Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast and join our discussion through our many social network sites and let us know if you have a suggestion for a show you would like for us to do. Please leave us a review and a rating for the show on whatever platform you listen to us on. Enjoy the show and as always...Stay Scared!
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6.10 - Lycanthropes (101) - The Fear Central Podcast