The Husbands with Paul and Jeff

The Husbands with Paul and Jeff


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Well they asked for it and now they have it: marriage. Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo are best known for being plaintiffs in the landmark case that wound it's way to the Supreme Court of the United States successfully overturning Prop. 8, restoring marriage equality to California. As regular contributors in the media they have become trusted voices beyond the marriage equality movement. Recently Paul and Jeff have proven that audiences love hearing about newly married same-sex couples and all things Equality, Entertainment and Engagement (both for marriage and for becoming an Accidental Activist). Their recent hit test series on SirusXM radio was received to much success based on their ability to carry a show all on their own. Exploring the world of marriage for a newlywed couple after years of a legal battle to be married proves insightful, enlightening and many times hilarious.... Show More

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