The Lackadaisical Writer by Anma Natsu

S2, E19: Never Pay! Well, Except...

January 12, 201443 min
After correcting my goals for January from last episode, I talk about the idea that writers "should never pay anything" to publish their works. First we look at the root of the idea - that "money should flow to the writer, not from" - in the context of traditional publishing versus vanity publishing. Then, we look at it from the perspective of the indie/self publisher and how in that context, it isn't so clear or easily split as you must do the editing, cover design, formatting, marketing, and more.

Progress Report: 1 chapter done for the novelization project, and about half way through 1 chapter edited for Aisuru (another that I ended up doing a lot of rewriting on)

Randomness: CENTS, The Movie (; upcoming feature film)

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