The Lackadaisical Writer by Anma Natsu

S2, E21: Alpha, Beta, Gamma

February 2, 201431 min
Let's talk feedback, as in getting feedback on your work and just what the heck people mean by alpha, beta, and gamma readers! In this episode I go through what each of those means and what you can generally expect for each. I'll also talk a bit about how to find readers and give some general tips on handling the feedback you get.

Progress Report: For my monthly goal results, I'm a few days late, but the novel adaptation's first tome is mostly done; just need to add the final few notes from my line edits, the remaining pics, and upload for proofing. With Aisuru, though, it was an abject failure - only 1 or 2 chapters edited instead of 4. I did however meet one of my other 2014 goals!

Monthly Goals: Edit at least 4, preferably 8, chapters of Aisuru and write the first draft of new scene; write at least 8 chapters of Tome 2 of the novelization project

Randomness: "The Everything Wrong With..." YouTube channel by Cinema Sins. ( )

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