The Lackadaisical Writer by Anma Natsu

S2, E24: You, I, and Anne Marie!

March 2, 201427 min
This week's episode opens with an update on my slump and a rant about the Little Women musical adaptation before moving into the main topic: narrative points of view. I talk about the general definition and features of each of three main points of view found in fiction, discuss some of the variations found, and give examples of the core three POV types using a snippet from Reconstruction.

Progress Report:
Alas, nothing to report at all, really. As noted earlier, I was still in a funk most of the week, though did finally get at least marginally started with the Reconstruction revision experiment.

Monthly Goals:
Write at least 8 chapters in Tome 2 of the novelization project. Finish the preliminary work of the revision of Reconstruction. Finish alpha reading critique. Return to revising Aisuru once alpha/beta feedback is in.

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