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Caretaker Essay to My Parents, Pt 2 'Bailey'

March 28, 20179 min
I Had To Put My Parent’s Sweet Little Dog Down Caretaker Essay to My Parents, Pt 2 'Bailey' So, my parents found out very recently that their sweet little dog, Bailey, had been urinating on a couple spots of an expensive “Persian rug.”  The rug sits atop a new hardwood floor in their home, and the spots were directly adjacent to a very nice lo-boy cabinet.  As happens, the pee, which had been accumulating for some time, and was strong in odor, but not to my parents.  But, the pee had seeped under the lo-boy cabinet, and through the rug, soiling the hardwood floor, staining it and creating black mold along the flooring seams, all the way through to the sub floor!  A terrible mess, and my parents were understandably angry.  Before my mom’s recent knee replacement surgery, she provided Bailey walks, regular potty time outside, etc.  Since arriving, I’d begun that process, but Bailey had been doing this for months. The three of us had discussed options over the past few days, and I offered

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