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'Collateral Beauty' Interview Helen Mirren & Will Smith

December 16, 201618 min
'Collateral Beauty' Movie Review & Interview Helen Mirren & Will Smith I just saw the new movie 'Collateral Beauty.' This movie is a fine, beautiful, caring, sweet, dramatic, yet comedic at times film that I wouldn't be surprised to see get award recognition in the coming weeks. Will Smith and the entire cast, of Helen Mirren, Edward Norton, Keira Knightly, Michael Pena, Naomie Harris (who won the Hollywood Film Award, Best Breakout Performance for her role in Collateral Beauty), Jacob Latimore, and Kate Winslet play their roles to perfection and all of them bring an interesting and relatable perspective to the film's narrative. While the ending is heartwarming, the journey to get there is deep, meaningful, rocky at times (btw, just like life) so don't expect a happy go lucky film (again, just like life). You may be aware of the plot, and if not, Will Smith plays Howard Inlet, a grieving and troubled New York advertising executive who’s forced to come to terms with a terrible tragedy.

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