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John Elder Robison, Interview: The Not Old - Better Show

June 16, 201628 min
JOHN ELDER ROBISON, AUTHOR, NYT BEST SELLER, SWITCHED ON WELCOME TO THE NOT OLD BETTER SHOW, I’M YOUR HOST, PAUL VOGELZANG. As someone with autism spectrum disorder, John Elder Robison knows what it's like to feel emotionally removed from situations. John, author of the NYT best selling memoir, Switched On explains to me that there's this emotional language you're missing. There are stories in people's eyes. There are messages. John Robison didn't fully understand what they meant until he received transcranial magnetic stimulation, TMS, a noninvasive procedure in which areas of the brain are stimulated with electromagnetic fields to alter its circuitry. By introducing current to the brain, doctors can probe the function of certain parts of the brain and we can even modify how different parts of the brain work. Using transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS, doctors hoped to activate neurological pathways in his brain that would deepen his emotional intelligence. John learned much, and

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