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Sam Worthington, 'The Shack' Interview

March 7, 20178 min
Tim McGraw, 'The Shack' Interview The Not Old Better Show, Movies for Adults Over the course of the last week, we’ve really had some great interviews, of course we’ve talked to star Octavia Spencer,…author, William Paul Young, who wrote the best selling novel, The Shack, that the movie is based on, actor Tim McGraw, and today, the last in our 'The Shack' series, actor Sam Worthington. Please check out the full complement of shows on the new movie, The Shack, at The Not Old Better Show, and today, a complete review of the movie. The movie has inspiring messages about everything from seeking help/counsel to processing grief in a healthy way to the power of forgiveness. That said, the ideas related to God's role in people's lives will particularly resonate with Christians/those open to faith-based questions.  I recommend the movie to my audience and specifically to people who are looking for a basic explanation of who the Trinity is; those looking to start a conversation about Christianit

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