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Online Learning Podcast - Virtual Freedom Special Edition

April 1, 201426 min

Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business
It is with great pleasure that I am bringing you this special Edition of the Online Learning Podcast - after all its not everyday that a friend has a global book launch.  Yes!  Chris Ducker's New Book - Virtual Freedom is published today and I wanted to give it a shout out on the Online Learning Podcast! You can find out more about the Book at - an amazing Micro Site Chris has created for the Book.  You can also learn much more from Chris at his website -
You can go directly to Amazon UK and US respectively using these two special (affiliate) links: for the UK Amazon Site; and for the US Amazon site.
Pilot For a New Podcast?
There is also a second important reason for this podcast episode.
I am considering launching a new audio business book review podcast in which I will spend 3-5 minutes reviewing an published or new business book and then (with the author's advance and explicit permission) read you the Introduction or the first chapter (no more than 15-20 mins) so that you can have a chance to get to know the book!
I would very much like to know whether you think this is an interesting idea and whether you would find it an interesting podcast to listen to? On your drive to work, in the Gym, walking the dog or out running?
Want to Buy the Book Now? - Here are my (affiliate) Links to Amazon
Thanks for being with me today and I hope you enjoyed this Special Edition of the Online Learning Podcast!

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