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#157 - Pain Has Gills (Inspiration Monday)

March 13, 201617 min
Welcome to Float Week on The Self-Help Rockstar Show! This week is inspired by my recent experiences with floatation and sensory deprivation, so each episode this week will be inspired by some element of water or floating.

Today's song is "Pain Has Gills." This is a song I wrote with my band, The Dalliance. I wrote the lyrics and the music for this song at the beginning of my journey into sobriety. It's about discovering that my drinking had nothing to do with the actual substance of alcohol, but everything to do with me and how I avoided dealing with pain in my life. What kind of pain, big or small, are you avoiding? If you're like me, you find that avoiding only makes the problem worse, and that it's better to deal with the current pain than to avoid it and allow it to grow bigger and stronger.

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