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#158 - Rise Above and Float On, with Micah Saccomanno (Wisdom Wednesday)

March 15, 201651 min
Welcome to part two of Float Week! This is a unique episode, since I'm interviewing Micah Saccomanno, owner of Rise Above Floatation, immediately after a ninety minute float session at Rise Above.

In this interview, Micah and I talk about the history of floating, our own personal experiences with it and what it's done for us. I feel like I've had some major spiritual, psychological, and emotional breakthroughs during floating that aren't' like any other breakthroughs I've had. I get deeply personal in this interview, talking about my experiences in the float tank with no reservations about sounding psychedelic.

You can find Rise Above Floatation online at and in person at their location in Mount Kisco, New York.

Here's an article that we reference in this interview about the therapeutic potential of floating:

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