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#163 - Smoke (Inspiration Monday)

March 27, 201617 min
Today's song is "Smoke" by The Jimmy Willden Band. You can find Jimmy's music on:


In keeping with the spirit of renewal and rebirth around this time of year, today's song is about keeping your faith through difficult times to rise up when the time comes. Sometimes when you're going through the darkness, you feel like you don't have the faith or the strength to get through. The good news is, if you're listening to music like this, if you're searching for content like this podcast, if you're reading books to help you find your way, you DO have the faith, and you DO have the strength.

If you enjoy this song, please support Jimmy's GoFundMe campaign with his friend David Martinez as they raise money to go on tour. You can donate to their GoFundMe page here:


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