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#179 - The Things She Do (Inspiration Monday)

May 8, 201614 min
It's a love song for a change! I know the songs and the material often get heavy on this show, but for this week, I'm picking an upbeat love song!

The song is "The Things She Do," by Sofa City Sweetheart. You can download it or stream it here on Bandcamp:

And you can check out the rest of Sofa City Sweetheart's music here:

I met Juan Antonio Lopez, the mastermind behind Sofa City Sweetheart, in Austin, Texas at Texas Indie Fest back in March. I remembered him playing this song, because the guitar riff is just so cool and so catchy. But the song also has a great message for lovers. Check out my Self-Help Rockstar take regarding openness, honesty, and reciprocity in a romantic relationship, based on the song's lyrics.

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