The THRST: Episode 9 -- Censorship In Friendships

April 13, 201448 min
We discuss censorship as a condition and determining factor of friendship, share some of our favorite hashtags, tweets, and timeline discoveries from the past two weeks, and divulge recent incidents from our personal lives. The hot topics we address in The BHive include: the cost of a pseudo-celebrity's autograph, things that could make some men feel emasculated, infidelity, what Oprah gifted that someone didn't just out of her seat for when she probably should have, a fast-food CEO who is serving up a pile of mess, the state of the American work culture, and how much a company should pay an employee to entice them to leave.
The THRST is a comedy and entertainment postcast; relaxed conversations between Sy Locklair and Derrick Deberry -- two enticingly evil and wickedly funny friends.  Life, sex, dating, relationships, pop culture, world and social issues, and the people you randomly discover in life -- no topic is off limits.
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