The Modern Meltdown Episode 75 -WarcraftThe Beginning

June 23, 2016111 min
There was a ton of stuff to talk about this week with Matt returning from a weekend at Supanova and the three lads having just watched the new Warcraft movie. As always though the usual discussion of entertainment and Videogame news occurs so strap yourselves in for that and as a bonus this week, Matt engages rant mode for a couple of stories.

Highlights and timestamps after the fold!

- Matt and Tommy nerd out about the possibility of Ghost Rider in Agents of Shield
- People can't seem to hold onto their shit very well
- the team reacts to Gotham's new level of studidity
- Another game gets refused classification in Aus
- And screw you! Past Roy just cause.

Time Stamps:
Entertainment News - 0:10:23
Videogame News - 0:40:32
Warcraft: The Beginning - 1:07:19
Heartwarming Tale - 1:44:05

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