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04 May, 2016 – Episode 565 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

May 6, 2016106 min
How Ketamine Lifts, Weight Loss Gains, Dinos And Dung Beetles, Traumatic Insemination, Interview w/ Dr. Amro Hamdoun from UCSD, Rok Runestone Re-Read, Rhino Seed Vault?, 1 Trillion Friends?, Robo-Clicker For Dogs, How To Boil Water On Mars, And Much More…
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Very recently in a galaxy right where you are now…
A new knowledge
It is a period of scientific discovery…
A Science-y podcast, striking from a hidden studio,
has done their best to inform the public about current science knowledge.
During the podcast, the hosts managed to retell cutting edge news that could lead to breakthrough cures, advances in green technology and yes even a DEATH STAR, or super nova with enough power to destroy an entire planet…
several entire planets in fact if they happen to have been orbiting the star before it went super nova…
Pursued by the sinister agents of scientific ignorance, Princesses Kiki and Blair reach out from their podcast, cus

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