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07 December, 2016 – Episode 596 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

December 15, 2016102 min
Science Gets Policy, Dark Matter Distribution, Gut Feelings, Bird Laser Goggles, Fake News Memories?, Breathe In, Justin’s Habitat Corner, FDA Fast Tracks, Weed Scientists, Virtual Games, Sea Bees, And Much More!!!
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What is really going on…
Is a real thing…
Everyone may have views or opinions.
These views and opinions can be shaped and formed and influenced and manipulated and solidified like a lump of children’s playdough…
However, let us never forget or even imagine that truth is an opinion.
That facts depend on a point of view.
There is a reality of the world that is beyond human perception.
Not invisible to the mind, but beyond ability of its doughy design to dismiss.
Reality goes on…
with or without human words or actions…
And while we head into a future free from the foundations of logic
One where reality will be a near constant casualty
You will begin to hear people asking more and more often
What is really going o

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