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07 October, 2015 – Episode 535 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

October 15, 201590 min
Nobel Prizes!, Giraffe Necks. Naledi Feet, The Cone Zone, Poop Mimicry, Nuptial Gifts, Chernobyl Cheer, Interview on Octopuses w/ Dr. Richard Ross, Psychic Robots, Stimulating Sex, And Much More…

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It has happened again.
Another campus, another mass shooting, another group of families grieving,
while we suffer another round of political chest pounding and promises
to do something, or vows to do nothing…
That it so often takes place while people are seeking education,
performing the act of learning.
An act that propagates knowledge from the past into the future.
The act of learning that preserves our understanding of the
world and maintains all of our collective history.
Education is birthright.
Without it we lose our science, our medicine, our technology,
our history, and our humanity.
It is the one right we share that truly keeps us safe,
and should be defended above all others.
And, if there is any more sacred place on this planet than a cla

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