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14 December, 2016 – Episode 597 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

December 15, 2016114 min
Fearful Science, Climate Science, Run…, Sleep…, Big Headed Ladies, Sexy Stressors, Metaphorically Feeling, Disappearing Penis Bones, Testing Gravity, Glow Worm Pee, Talking Monkeys, And Much More!!!
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Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!!
The following hour of programming is part of a Chinese conspiracy
to convince Americans that climate change is real…
We take marching orders from multiple left wing cabals within the United Nations.
We use the EPA to undermine corporate freedom.
We are professional agitators.
We are paid to protest.
Paid by aliens in order to further the expansion of the Illuminati new world order.
They pilot our black helicopters…
We faked the moon landing.
We invented evolution…
…made it up to ruin Christmas.
We planted fake dinosaur bones in the desert.
Sprinkled plaster parts of mythical hominins in caves across the globe.
All to back up our lies.
Like the voting booths, our ranks are full of dead people…
We infiltrated the department of

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