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14 October, 2015 – Episode 536 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

October 16, 2015102 min
Chimeras Under Scrutiny, Silencing Shadowy PERVs, Digital Rats, Cretaceous Furball!, Zebra Chatter, Fruit Fly Nose, Skyrmions, Rearranging Bird Tree, What The Frack, Brain Booster, Tendency To Conspiracy, And Much More…

Chimeras Under Scrutiny
The US NIH has put a moratorium on funding research that involves injecting stem cells into embryos to see how they develop. Researchers are standing by.

Silencing Shadowy PERVs
PERVs, porcince endogenous retroviruses, cause a lot of trouble when it comes to transplanting pig organs into humans. Thanks to new research using CRISPR, the trouble may soon be overcome.

Digital Rats
The Blue Brain project has succeeded in digitally modelling a slice of rat brain.

The Cretaceous Furball
A new fossil find from 125 million years ago describes an early rat-sized mammal with many surprisingly modern traits.

Toxic runoff is killing coho - but there's hope!
Runoff from roadways is killing coho salmon on the west coast when they travel upstream to spaw

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