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17 February, 2016 – Episode 554 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

February 19, 2016102 min
Gravitation Makes Waves, Beating Cancer, We Did It, Selective Elective?, Whooping Whoops?, Rabbit Bye-Bye, Birdie Blood Cell, Your Bacterial Home, Print And Grow, Virgin Mouse Preferences, And Much More!

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Gravitational Waves
Last week, it was announced that the upgraded LIGO detector confirmed detection of the merger of two black holes approximately 1.3 billion years in the past.

Beating Cancer
Preliminary and unpublished results were reported last week at AAAS for a study involving genetic manipulation of immune cells in terminally ill leukemia patients. The results look very promising, which is why they were reported, but the technique still leads to a very high mortality and dangerous side-effect rate.

Birds do it, bees do it, even 100,000 year old humans and neandnerthals do it...
DNA links human neander hanky panky to much earlier date nights

South Africa revives extinct

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