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20 July, 2016 – Episode 576 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

July 22, 201697 min
Interview w/ Dr. Enrique Abreu re: ketamine therapy for depression, So Hot!, Brain Mapping Matters, Brilliant Ducks, Turtle Shells, Zero-Knowledge Time, Bonobo Mentors, City Punk Birds, And Much More…
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Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer!!!
a cat is a cat
and a fact is a fact
a cure is a cure
and a lie is a lie.
but how can you tell a cat, from a cure, and a lie from a fact?
truth can be a tricky thing, and many will tell you it is often relative.
but, the truth is most definitely,
completely the truth,
when it comes to science,
and it is our job,
each and every one of us,
to find it.
because when variables are isolated,
tested, and tried,
control groups are monitored,
and results are replicated,
truth can be defined.
we are here tonight to discuss new truths,
discovered through tried and true methods,
and unequivocally a part of
This Week in Science,
coming up next…
Interview with Dr. Enrique Abreu on the science of ketamine therapy for major depressive disor

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