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Ep. 54 Larry Mazer Talks Managing KISS

December 16, 201397 min
This week, Three Sides Of The Coin (the unofficial and unsanctioned KISS talk show), welcomes the very engaging and honest LAMB OF GOD manager, Larry Mazer. Before taking on metal’s most powerful band, Mazer ran the day-to-day affairs for Rock ’N Roll Hall Of Fame nominees, KISS. From the late ‘80s to the mid ‘90s, Mazer guided KISS through the Hot In The Shade tour, the passing of Eric Carr, and the making of the Bob Ezrin produced landmark album, Revenge.

"During the time that I managed (KISS) there wasn't a week that went by, where a promoter didn’t called and ask me about putting the make up back on,” said Mazer reminiscing about the band’s halcyon pre-reunion tour era). During those career defining years, Mazer urged that, “The Demon has got to come back into the band.” Well placed advice for a band heading into the studio to record what would be the band’s greatest non-makeup era album, Revenge. An album that also came on the heels on the band’s greatest loss, the passing of longtime drummer Eric Carr, which Mazer discusses candidly during this interview.

Mazer also reveals that on the subsequent tour for the album, he pushed for Ace Frehley to share the stage with the band once again albeit as the support act (an idea that the band “shot down,” quickly).

His relationship with the band ended before their famed ‘reunion tour’, while KISS embarked on the much maligned KISS MY ASS tribute album project to which Mazer bluntly states, “it’s cool when an act does a tribute to you, but doing a tribute to yourself is not cool.”

In the over one hour conversation with the team at Three Sides Of The Coin, Larry brings the listeners through the highs and lows of the band’s pre-reunion tour days, but ends by empathically stating, "I've been a manager for 40 years. The most fun, as far as just fun, I ever had was managing KISS.”

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