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Is The War On Women Over - Or Is It Just On Political Hiatus??

February 2, 201755 min
Democrats build a glass ceiling over the head of Betsy DeVos, who was nominated to be 3rd female Secretary of Education. I guess the war on women is over? What happened to proudly proclaiming 'I'm with her?' National Review article explains why. The status of the Democrat Party. Abandoning white working class voters? Prepare for more radical rhetoric, protests & violence. Got to keep the base fired up and engaged. We welcome blue collar workers to the Conservative movement, which is their natural home - despite what Democrats have tried to do to convince them otherwise. Nancy Pelosi tells Indiana Congressman Andre Carson 'tell them you're Muslim' in front of the Supreme Court to stoke the fire & agitate the base about a false narrative: Trump bans Muslims. They want you to believe Carson & other US Muslims are in jeopardy of getting deported or imprisoned. Persecution of Christians increases and spreads across world. Most persecuted group in the world. Where is the political outrage about this?

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