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April 20, 201755 min
The Left clings to comparisons like this because they keep losing everything else. That can change, of course! I know you've been counting down the release date to this anti-Trump song. Russian bombers fly near US airspace for 2nd straight night. But today I want to talk about Freedom of Religion. Bill of Rights. Inalienable rights given by Creator God. A summary of the oral arguments of the Trinity Lutheran Church case. Freedom of Religion. Christian apologetics. Ann Coulter shut up from speaking on UC Berkeley campus - because of what the other side may do. Meanwhile, the City of San Francisco is paying extra to clean up from the mess left by massive 4/20 pot party participants. These 2 issues are being handled exactly the opposite of how they should be handled. Well done, California. Ann Coulter says she's still going to speak at UC Berkeley, by the way.

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