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Time for the Vote

March 24, 201755 min
Trump says AHCA negotiations are over. Calls for Friday vote. Case can be made this is Obamacare Lite because it doesn't fully repeal the structure of Obamacare. Free markets have the best answers & government creates the biggest problems. Moving us toward single payer? Congressman Nunes voices concerns about Trump communications being intercepted & his being unmasked. More evidence for Trump/Russia or Richard Milhous Obama spying on Trump? A return to the conversation about the Salon article saying Republicans are 'cruel to the poor' for wanting to cut entitlement programs. A personal anecdote from a time I ran a Boys & Girls Club. Heritage report on the results of The War on Poverty over 50 years. By what metric has this been successful? What really helps the poor: govt programs or private charity & (gasp) churches? Wish I had time to discuss more. Have a great weekend! GO DAWGS!!!

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