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Podcast 1198 Nitrogen,Snow Tires & Fun

November 18, 2013102 min
Follow us on Spreaker! This week on Under The Hood it’s a best of show. Car Talk and Auto Repair calls, news, email and answers from the best of Under The Hood. Russ, Shannon, and Chris talk to a caller about Nitrogen in tires and how it works for cars and motorcycles. We talk about Tires and the different kinds of tread and ones designed just for snow and ice VS. All Season Tires. A guy has a problem with his stinky rear end and we talk about dash vents that won’t change air position and heat that won’t work. We take live calls and emails from across America and answer email and facebook questions. Tune-In each week for automotive repair and care advice from the Nordstrom’s Motor Medics on the Under The Hood Show. If you love the show please subscribe to or follow it. America’s number one automotive car talk and advice show podcast. It’s Under The Hood! Thanks for Tuning-In and Tuning-Up!

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