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December 13, 2021 19 mins
A veteran of movie cameos and music videos, Eddie Moss was one of the most successful Michael Jackson impersonators in the world in 2005, but then he took a job like no other.
At the time, Michael Jackson was one of the world’s most iconic celebrities. But news headlines about his personal life and not his music had come to tarnish his reputation.
Now, Jackson was due to go on trial in California on multiple charges of child abuse against a minor.
The eyes of the world were watching. However, when the judge presiding over the case prevented cameras in the courthouse, it posed a major problem. How were news outlets going to communicate court proceedings to an international audience?
Sky News, along with E! entertainment, decided to attempt something no one had tried before — deliver daily reconstructions of key evidence, using a cast of Hollywood actors, hired to play the main roles.
None was more important, or consequential, than that of Jackson himself. But as the trial began to unfold, Eddie Moss quickly realised that his future and wellbeing were on the line too.

In 2021, Sky News is marking some of the century’s biggest news events through the personal stories of lives defined by unforgettable moments from the last 21-years.
Michael Jackson: The trial of the century is episode 19 of the 21-part series StoryCast ’21


Michael Jackson: Trial Of The Century was written and produced by Rob Mulhern and Jayne Secker.
Original idea, Jonathan Samuels
Special thanks to our contributors, Eddie Moss, Jayne Secker and Richard Johnson
Archive, Robert Fellowes
TV treatment, Victoria Hudson-Grant
Digital, Tom Gillespie
Head of Radio, Sky News, Dave Terris
Design and graphics, Brian Gillingham
Social media, Samuel Gould
Press and Marketing, Alexandra Horton
For more on this story log on to www.skynews/storycast21
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