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Premier Of You Get Me ~ A Song Written By Cassandra Kubinski and Tony Daniels Helping Animals Worldwide

February 2, 201962 min
Hello everyone, I’m Sam the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll dogs and host of Vegas Rock Dog Radio Show. On today’s show,​ I’m talking about the spirulina supplement, the impact of electromagnetic radiation on our pets, and the premiere of You Get Me a song that will touch your animal loving heart and help animals in need.

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes

YOU GET ME was written to support awareness for, and encouragement of, pet adoption, and is meant to raise money for the incredible organizations and shelters that carry out this mission 24/7 every day...because as you know Rescue is not a 9-5 job it’s a 24/7 passion.

Written from the perspective of pet owner to their pet, the jaunty...oh you know how I love the word jaunty it’s a staple of mine….the jaunty and whimsical song expresses the love we people have for our pets, the ones who “get us” no matter what else is going on this crazy world, the ones who make space for us to just be, who love us unconditionally. That line in the song is one I connect with because you can be yourself with your pets. The video includes a ​variety of dogs, as well as crowd-submitted videos of actual people with their rescued pets. You instantly connect with this heartwarming video.

YOU GET ME is written and performed by Billboard-charting singer/songwriter Cassandra Kubinski and veteran producer, actor and voice talent giant Tony Daniels. They’re no strangers to fundraising as a previous us song of theirs Called Not So different raised over $25,000. It was an Autism anthem benefiting the Institute for Autism Research.
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Today you’ve been listening to Vegas Rock Dog Radio where it’s all about pets, people, and pop culture, I'm your host Sam, the queen of rock 'n' roll dogs...and always kiss your pets good morning and goodnight. I’ll see you next time.

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