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YOU GET ME ~ A song and video to support animal adoption and shelters

February 2, 20192 min
You Get Me
A song and video to support animal adoption and shelters

As you know our lives revolve around music and dogs and animal rescue. So when all of our passions collide and I mean collide in a good way we get excited.

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Each year, over 6 million dogs and cats enter US animal shelters. Over 3 million are adopted yet an estimated 1.5 million are euthanized. That number is unacceptable.

YOU GET ME was written to support awareness for, and encouragement of, pet adoption, and is meant to raise money for the incredible organizations and shelters that carry out this mission 24/7 every day...because as you know Rescue is not a 9-5 job it’s a 24/7 passion.

Written from the perspective of pet owner to their pet, the jaunty...oh you know how I love the word jaunty it’s a staple of mine….the jaunty and whimsical song expresses the love we people have for our pets, the ones who “get us” no matter what else is going on this crazy world, the ones who make space for us to just be, who love us unconditionally. That line in the song is one I connect with because you can be yourself with your pets. The video includes a variety of dogs, as well as crowd-submitted videos of actual people with their rescued pets. You instantly connect with this heartwarming video.

YOU GET ME is written and performed by Billboard-charting singer/songwriter Cassandra Kubinski and veteran producer, actor and voice talent giant Tony Daniels. They’re no strangers to fundraising as a previous us song of theirs Called Not So different raised over $25,000. It was an Autism anthem benefiting the Institute for Autism Research.

YOU GET ME stands to benefit the millions of dogs, cats, and other pets looking for their furr-ever home by raising both awareness and money through song sales, performances, and events. “Man’s best friends” bring so much joy to our lives, and we are passionate about being “best friends” to them in return with YOU GET ME. Accompanying the song is a video and I’ll be linking that up in the notes and sharing it across my social media profiles.

Raising funds for animal Rescue takes time, talent, a network of animal loving professionals and media to support a mission and put it not only in front of animal lovers but potential adopters and I’m thrilled that we can be of support to Cassandra and Tony.

The song is now available on Spotify, iTunes, google play and Amazon music. I’ll provide the link in the show notes once the show is archived and across my social media network.

I do hope you’ll purchase the song and share with your friends and family. It’s a fabulous fun song celebrating the unique relationships we share with our pets. Knowing how special that relationship is and supporting the mission through the purchase of the song other people can experience that special love too. I would hate for anyone to miss out on the best relationship they could ever have by adopting a pet.

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