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All About Pets 4 Life - Cathy Beer

May 5, 20168 min
Pretty well everybody loves to have animals around - especially the cute, furry, feathered and fluffy kind right?

So if that's the case, why do we still have so many animals in our rescue shelters despite trying to ban them for sale in pet shops and targeting unethical or backyard breeders?

Sadly very few rescue groups actually try and educate potential pet parents merely trying to show "how many we saved this year"!

But one very savvy animal lover - Cathy Beer decided enough was enough and created - a great resource for wannabe and current pet parents.

She has a great free E-Guide called 'Before You Get A Dog'- 8 essential tips to get it right!

In this podcast Cathy explains what really motivated her to start Pets4Life and reveals some of her successes.

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