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Are Genetics Making Labradors Fat? - Dr Anne Fawcett

May 11, 20165 min
Ahh Haaa!... New genetic clue might explain why this breed is more food obsessed than any other... And the reason might actually help humans too!

Vets tell us loveable Labradors are always on the 'over-represented' list when it comes to gastrointestinal foreign bodies.

And while some dogs - just like we humans - will skip a meal simply because we don't feel all that hungry, when a Lab does it you probably should be a bit concerned!

As Dr Anne Fawcett explains in her Small Animal Talk blog (see link below) "There may be a genetic basis for this amazing appetite. According to a paper published in CellMetabolism this week, Labs and flat coated retrievers (the latter being a less common breed) have a gene alteration linked to canine obesity."

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