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Biggest Losers Become Biggest Winners - Rebecca Hagney

March 31, 20165 min
"My dogs NOT fat!! - He's just 'big boned'... ". Uh huh! It seems we've all made some kind of excuse like this for our much loved dogs right?

And it's not just dogs either. Plenty of cats are... well... overweight according to Veterinary Nurse Rebecca Hagney from Claws 'N Paws Veterinary Hospital in West Bathurst NSW.

On an almost daily basis Rebecca could see that more and more animals coming in to the hospital were on the 'chubby' side and decided to do something about it!

The idea for their Biggest Loser for Pets program came of course from the popular reality TV show. And just like that show 'contestants' are given a weight loss program and an exercise routine to help shed those kilos.

In this short podcast Rebecca talks about the educational aspect for pet owners - who often 'lose count'of the number of treats or portion sizes for their pets.

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