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Cats Vs Toddlers - Dr Kim Kendall

July 21, 20164 min
Put a young kid and a cat together and it makes a pretty cute photo right? Maybe… unless you’re the cat! Young kids, especially toddlers and especially boys can a cat’s worst nightmare. This story is very close to home...

Not too long ago our daughter needed help to solve a problem with her much loved 9 yr old cat Smokey and her then almost 3 yr old son Tyler.

Smokey would disappear for the best part of the day then come out after young Tyler had gone to bed only to be all over mum and wanting 100% attention.

So we thought we'd check in with Dr Kim Kendall – the Cat Vet from the Chatswood Cat Palace to help put some perspective on the problem.

Chat About Cats Vs Toddlers - Dr Kim Kendall

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