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Easter-Chocs+Lillies - Nadia Crighton

April 10, 20175 min
As the Easter bunny gears up for another busy night of delivering eggs to all the children around the globe, Pet Insurance Australia is reminding all pet lovers that Easter can spell disaster to an unsuspecting dog or cat.

“This is a great time of year to celebrate with friends and family,” Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia says. “However it’s important to take some simple steps to ensure you don’t end up spending your precious long weekend, highly stressed at the local veterinary hospital.”

With the main ingredients of Easter celebrations being chocolate it’s a good idea to remind the children and the older chocolate lovers that this delectable treat needs to be kept out of reach from the family pet. In 2016 over 1000 pets were treated for Theobromine/Chocolate poisoning.

“Hiding a box of chocolates behind the couch cushion won’t suffice for a curious hound,” Crighton says. “Master scavengers will go to no end to find the hidden chocolates that can lead to a very sick dog.”

PIA is also advising pet owners to be careful with flowers.

“If your lovely Easter bouquet contains lilies it is vital you remove them or showcase them in an area your pet cannot access,” she warns. “Lilies are highly toxic to cats and dogs and can cause adverse reactions that can lead to death.”

Many pet owners will also be travelling with their beloved pets around this time of year. Ensuring you are prepared will keep your pet safe.

“Keeping pets safely secure in the car is not only paramount for their safety, but also for yours,” Crighton suggests. “Use specially designed seatbelts, harnesses and cages and don’t forget your updated tags and leashes.”

•Chocolate poisoning
•Foreign Object removal

•Get your dog involved in all the fun! Don some bunny ears and enjoy a nice long walk in the Spring sunshine.
•Yes, your dog can join in the egg hunt. A great tip is to pop the Easter eggs inside boxes or plastic containers to prevent them finding the treats before the children!
•Make some doggy safe treats and encourage your guests to treat the dog from this ‘safe’ jar and not their plate.
•Use Easter baskets and have a special safe place you put these to keep them out of reach from the dog and cat. Don’t forget to pick up all wrappings too!

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