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Greyhound Puppy Gets Lucky Break! - Nora Anderson-Dieppe

June 23, 20165 min
Greyhounds are probably the most misunderstood dog breed around. And - sadly in the wrong hands they’re also often the most abused and mistreated.

Pedia Pazu & Nora Anderson-DieppeerThere’s already a number of very well organised Greyhound rescue groups in Australia which Nora Anderson-Dieppe has been a volunteer with over the years, but since she and her husband Ed have been building their interior design business, time has been a little tight…

But that hasn’t stopped them setting up their own small rescue group ‘Nora’s Foster Hounds’ to help even more dogs find forever homes. Recently they were told about a dog – a puppy – that had been part of a whelping farm – basically a greyhound breeder – that was covered in faeces and had a broken leg.

No-one is quite sure how this came about but Nora was very quick to say she would take him on.

Chat About Greyhound Puppy Gets Lucky Break! - Nora Anderson-Dieppe

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