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VETtalk Radio - #36

April 14, 20165 min
Given we’re all so chronically time-poor we've started selecting shorter podcast stories for you each week plus a video which can also be seen on

In fact this weeks video about 'DJ' the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo is proving extremely popular on Facebook and if you want to share it with your clients and colleagues via your own FB page, website or newsletter... feel free to ‘share the love’ of animals. There is a 'Share' button on every story page.

* How Fat Cats Push Our Buttons - Dr Jonathan Bowen

Does your cat know what buttons to push when it comes to 'dinnertime?' They're masters at it aren't they?... sadly to their own dietary detriment it seems.

Latest estimates suggest more than half the cat population is overweight with many bordering on obese…but why?

British behaviourist Dr Jon Bowen has the answer!

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